The Thing Explainer

The Thing Explainer.png
There is a book called The Thing Explainer written by Randall Munroe.  In it he uses just 1000 different words to explain things like the Space Station, Geology and Human Organs (the squishy bits inside you not instruments in Church!)

It’s wonderful. And what is even more wonderful is that he has designed a web page where you can type something and it will highlight words that AREN’T in that list of 1,000.

As I’ve been thinking about how to use simpler language to tell stories about Jesus and the Christian Faith I decided to take on the challenge of writing theology and Bible stories using Randall Munroe’s list of words.

This part of the blog chronicles my attempts!  Give it a go at  It’s not as hard as you might think.

If you want to just look at the “Book-that-God-gave-us in Simple Words” posts on the blog, just click on the link in the menu bar just at the top.


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