Three is one


Before the God-Man went back to the place where God lives he told his friends to wait in the Town-where-the-special-place-to-meet-with-God was until he could send them the God-Helper.

The God-Helper came on the special day 50 days after the God-Man came back to life and the God-Man’s friends spoke to people who came from far away places and the people from far away were surprised because the God-man’s friends spoke in the words from the far away places.  The God-Man’s friends began to tell everyone the Good News about the God-Man and soon people who lived in far away places started their own places-to-meet-with-the-God-Man.

The God-Man’s friends and the people they told were called People of the Way.

The People of the Way taught that the God-Man was God’s Son, and that the God-Man taught them about God-Father.  They also knew that the God-Man had sent God-Helper.  This was strange.  A long time ago God has given God’s Chosen People 10 laws and the very first law was that there was only One God. Full Stop.  So how could there be God-Father, God-Man and God-Helper?

Some People of the Way said that there was only one God so God-Man and God-helper were exactly the same as God-Father.  They decided that that was wrong.

Some People of the Way said that only God-Father was God and that God-Man wasn’t quite God.
The man who suggested this got into a lot of trouble.

Some People of the Way said that there were three Gods.
But not many because everyone else said that was wrong.

So after a long time the People who led the People of the Way had a big meeting and decided that there was only one God.  BUT the one God was also three sort-of-people-not-quite-the-same-but-not-quite-different which we call God-Father, God-Man and God-Helper.

The gave it a special name which sort of means “Three-of-them”.  And People of the Way have been trying to get their heads around it ever since.

Today’s People who lead the People of the Way use lots of long words to try and teach people how God can be one and three at the same time, but actually, that’s like trying to teach a fish what fire looks like.  It’s strange and special and its something we can never quite explain.

“Three-of-them” – God-Father, God-Man and God-Helper.  Three is one and one is three. Strange! Nice strange!


Find out more about how this was written here.


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