I will send you the Helper

Day Total (tired crew): 12 miles, 35 locks (dowwwwwwwn hill), 9 hours 57 minutes
Overall Total: 525.25 miles, 462 locks
Distance to Bath: 10 miles, 6 locks

First here are some photos from last night – birdies!!

And a tree – or two….

77a - Tree


So today was the Caen Hill Flight –   But as I opened the rear hatch this family wanted to say hello!


This was our first look at the flight…


And this is us at the bottom – 16 locks later.P5300867.JPG

P5300871.JPGI was wrong – the Caen hill locks are a flight (separate locks with a small gap called a pound between them) not a staircase (where the top gate of one lock is the bottom gate of the next).  It was still fun!!  The side pounds are to help with water storage through the flight.

This picture came from a Daily Mail article.  I know some of my friends don’t read the Daily Mail but this is worth a giggle.  Some thieves decided to make a getaway on a stolen cabin cruiser, and headed straight  for the Caen hill flight where they gave up!!!!!!!

77d - from the air.jpg

Lots of travel, and a few delays and we are in Bradford Upon Avon.

Actually in the Swan Hotel because we had no signal on the boat (A pint of Old Speckled Hen for those who are interested!)

I’m going to be brief today as power is running low and drinks are running out.

Today’s photo?

77b - helpers.jpg

This family were cycling down the towpath as we were heading from the bottom of the flight towards Bradford-on-Avon.  There are a few locks beyond the flight but lots of swing bridges which are a bit of pain as you have to stop, swing, travel through, then wait to pick up.  As we got to the first bridge the Mum and son asked if they could help – and they did, allowing us and the boat behind us to sail on.  Just before we got to the next bridge they passed us and before we knew it Mum was undoing the safety chain and the children had shot across the bridge ready to open it for us.  By the third bridge my camera was ready and we took this shot of our amazing helpers.

I know they were looking for the blog as we left and I hope they are reading this now.

THANK YOU!!  Your help was wonderfully unexpected and made a real difference to our journey.  It also made us smile.

One of the names we are told for the Holy Spirit is the “helper”.   In the Bible names matter.  Helping is part of God’s nature – it IS who He IS.

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth…

John chapter 14 verse 16 and 17

So today I was reminded of the power of helping people.  Our cycling friends have taught their children a wonderful lesson – helping people is actually fun!!

That must be why God does it so much!

Do you need His help today?  Ask Him!  Are you struggling with something?  Ask for help – not just from God but from those around you.  They may be stood ready to help and not know how to offer.

Pride stops us asking for help.  That is a really stupid reason to struggle!  We weren’t meant to try and get through this life on our own.

Go on – tomorrow why not copy our cycling friends and help someone.  You never know  it might actually be fun!

Oh, and if the cycling family are reading this and would like a name check in tomorrow’s blog – please add a comment.  Thank you again!

77c - the helper.jpg

P.S. Thank you too to the wonderful lock keeper who helped us down the flight!!  Volunteer lock keepers are amazing people.


3 thoughts on “I will send you the Helper

  1. The Wickham family were delighted to play our small part in your inspiring journey. The boys (James, Alex and Charlie) greatly enjoyed helping you on your way. We can only imagine the celebration you’ll have as your parish in Doncaster welcome their travelling Vicar and his family home. Travel safe and God bless. Steve, Carly and the boys

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