One Day More

Day Total (so far): 20 feet, clean teeth, kettle on
Overall Total: 534.25 miles, 462 locks

As I woke this morning a song was ringing through my mind, and I knew today of all days would have two blogs.

The song?

This song marks the end of Act 1 of Les Miserables, which we saw (a lifetime ago it seems) during the Easter holidays in London.  It is one of my favourite songs in Les Mis (and I have several!)  It marks the point at which all the story strands come together ready for the confrontation at the barricades the following day.  Each group in the cast sings a different set of lyrics and a different tune each expressing how they are feeling about the oncoming storm and just before the end of the act they ALL sing their piece at the same time.  It is a musical masterpiece.

Valjean – the Hero – imprisoned for stealing bread to save his nephew and redeemed by a gracious Bishop sings…

One day more!
Another day, another destiny.
This never-ending road to Calvary;
These men who seem to know my crime
Will surely come a second time.
One day more!

The newly met lovers Marius and Cosette sing…

Tomorrow you’ll be worlds away
And yet with you, my world has started!
Will we ever meet again?

Eponine (Epp-o-neen) , a young lady who loves Marius in vain sings…

One more day all on my own.
One more day with him not caring.
What a life I might have known.
But he never saw me there!

Enjolras (En-yole-ras) – the leader of the student revolutionaries sings…

One more day before the storm!
At the barricades of freedom.
When our ranks begin to form
Will you take your place with me?

The time is now, the day is here

The police inspector Javert (Sha-fair) – a man of impeccable, pharisaical righteousness but not a gram of grace is intending to join the students as an undercover spy – and sings…

One day more to revolution,
We will nip it in the bud!
We’ll be ready for these schoolboys,
They will wet themselves with blood!

And the hideous Thenardiers (tay-nard-ee-ays) – a rather unsavoury couple renowned for scavenging, especially after battles or fights, sing…

Watch ’em run amuck,
Catch ’em as they fall,
Never know your luck
When there’s a free for all,
Here’s a little ‘dip’
There a little ‘touch’
Most of them are goners
So they won’t miss much!

And as the music rises with all the characters overlapping…

80a - one day more.jpg

Suddenly there is a moment of clarity as first Valjean and then the whole cast sing together…

Tomorrow we’ll be far away,
Tomorrow is the judgement day

Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store!
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!

I have tears in my eyes as I hear those words in my head.  It would be a worthy song to end the whole show, yet it is only the end of the first act.  It is a most incredible climax and yet the story goes on.

Now perhaps you see why this song is in my mind today.

One day more!

Tomorrow we’ll be far away!!!

Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store….

One more dawn….

One more day…..

One Day More!


And what will Act 2 hold?


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