Going Back

Day Total (car): 253 miles, no locks, A long Time!!!
Final Total: 536.25 miles, 462 locks

Today was a busy day, technically yesterday as its gone midnight, but I needed to share this.

NB Essence has been handed back to her rightful owners and we headed to collect the Smart Car from Newbury and then head home.

But the journey home felt like the unravelling of my adventure.

From Bath, back to Newbury.   A detour via Didcot and Abingdon on the River Thames to avoid traffic, then Oxford, past Banbury, and within minutes the locks in Warwick, past Leamington and then Coventry itself. Finally onto the M1 (which I sped past at 4mph several decades ago on my way south.)

I kept spotting the canal and remembering the different parts of my journey.

Was it unravelling?

92b - unravelling

Actually, No!  The further back I went the more I felt as if I was reliving the journey.  The journey home was part of the journey.  My experiences and revelations do not stay on NB Essence, they were already waiting for my journey home, so that they could be remembered- called to mind – recalled from the hard drive – and so they have become a part of who I am, not just fading memories.

92a - Coming Home

And as I write I am reminded of another journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the eve of that first Easter day, when two disciples met Jesus on the road but didn’t recognise Him.

And suddenly I am wondering if Jesus was lurking on the road waiting for them to come past, smiling to himself as he knew what was to come.  And as they walked and talked and then finally he broke bread, they remembered and recognised Him, and returned to Jerusalem full of joy.

I think now that I too met Jesus on the way tonight, and though I didn’t know it we remembered my adventure together, and so I return with joy – full again of all of my travels, excited by His company, with stories to tell and ready for the gift of the Holy Spirit for the next part of this adventure.

92c - -the-road-to-emmaus-daniel-bonnell


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