The stronger floor

Well – today we went to Blackpool with the All Saints Church Trip Club.

The trip has been planned for ages but the weather as we arrived in Blackpool was a bit grim.

Rev Techno Hubby decided to resort to his usual doggerel to produce this…

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
oh I do like the seaside when it’s wet
oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom
with me brolly up and me wellies on

O just let me be beside the seaside
I’ll Be Beside myself with Glee
for the cafe’s nice and warm
as we shelter from the storm
beside the seaside beside the sea.

Actually it wasn’t that bad – by the time we had visited the shrine of St Costa of Latte (Private joke with the Archdeacon of Lewisham and Greenwich – sorry) the weather had brightened up and after a fuss of some Guide Dogs out fundraising (with permission of course) we headed to our destination.  Can you guess where I am?

95a - Looking Down.jpg

Yup 380ft above the prom, prom, prom!

95b  -Tower

In fact, once you got used to the idea that you weren’t going to plummet to your doom it was quite amazing!

The floor is made of a 4.15 tonne laminated glass floor that itself can hold up to 5 tonnes.

I stood there enjoying the view  and a member of staff came along to wipe the hand prints off the glass wall.  I asked him if he got used to the floor.

“Oh yes” he said.

“In fact, this floor…” – points down into infinity

“…is stronger than that floor!” – points to the “normal” floor where Jacquie is stood!

Suddenly I didn’t want to move off the glass floor I was standing on.

So it is in the life of faith.  We put all of our trust in the things we can see – in what we consider firm and dependable, and we shy away from trusting to the things we cannot see – the hand of God holding us, leading us, guiding us – when the things we cannot see are stronger and more trustworthy than the things we can.

I learned a huge lesson today about trusting God by standing in mid air, 380ft above a Blackpool pavement!

Just because I cannot see something, doesn’t make it less trustworthy – Just because I can see something doens’t make it more trustworthy.

Because this floor – points downwards at the invisible hand of God
Is stronger than that floor – points at floor beneath the chair!


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