A little luxury

Sorry my attempt at Lenton devotion went silent.  Revtechnohubby hasn’t been well – better now than I have been for a while having been prayed for but the Church family last Sunday !

Revtechnohubby and Mrs RTH are in Manchester for the New Wine Leadership Conference and this morning we were walking through Manchester when I stopped by two homeless men.  There are more homeless people than I have ever seen before in a city.  It is heartbreaking.  I stopped and gave each of them a full McDonalds complimentary coffee card (you know, the sort where you put the stickers to get your 7th coffee for free).  A very clever 8 year old taught me that if you give someone that instead of a cup of coffee, they can sit in McDonalds in the warm for half an hour whilst they drink their coffee!!!

They were unbelievably grateful and treated my gift as if it were a luxury!

What’s your luxury?  Chocolate, Wine, A Spa Day, your nails done, netflix, sky sports?

The real luxury I saw today was this!

One of the young men was sitting on a pallet in his sleeping bag to keep away from the cold floor.  Luxury!

Only last week there was a report that a charity which had been working with girls in sub-saharan Africa to provide Sanitary products had started working with girls in a school.

But the school wasn’t in South East Asia, or Africa, or South America.  It was in Leeds!

In 2017 wooden pallets and sanitary towels are luxury items.


What have we come to?

Father Forgive us, even though we know what we are doing!



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